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Ukraine: Cat and Dog Crisis

Since February 2022, more than 14 million Ukrainians have fled their homes, many were forced to leave behind their beloved pets.

Help Us Bring Hope: Feed, Heal, and Protect Ukraine’s Abandoned Animals

Devastated by war, Ukraine's abandoned and vulnerable animals need our help today. Amidst the ongoing crisis, countless dogs and cats struggle to survive without food, shelter, or medical care. Your donation can make a life-saving difference to ensure these animals receive the necessary nourishment, access to vital veterinary treatments, and protection from the elements. Together, we can provide these innocent animals hope and a second chance at life. Donate today to be a part of their rescue and recovery.

Belash was abandoned at a railroad crossing between Mykolaiv and Kherson_edited.jpg

Join Us in Feeding 9,000 Abandoned pets

Our partners have extensive experience in disaster response and impactful project management. They have launched a comprehensive program to address the ongoing crisis. This initiative involves robust collaboration with veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and a dedicated network of hundreds of volunteers. On the ground, they have identified that the most pressing need, even two years into the crisis, is food for abandoned Dogs and Cats.

Leveraging their wide-reaching network, they efficiently distribute massive quantities of food donations to support volunteers and feed over 9,000 animals in need.

Your Donation Feeds, Heals and Protects pets

Your donation can make a big difference to these Cats and Dogs.

One Month of Food

$10 per Dog

$3 per Cat

One Year of Food

$120 per Dog

$36 per Cat

Spay or neuter, vaccinate, and microchip

One Dog $31

One Cat $22 

Five Dogs $155

Five Cats $110 

The cost of each rescue, medical treatment, and other shelter depends on the Cat or Dog's individual needs. Donating any amount will help with these ongoing expenses and impact Cats and Dogs in need.

How You Can Help

Your gift will help animal shelters in Ukraine to rebuild and repair their facilities, providing safe havens for rescued animals. Our partners offer emergency veterinary treatments, helping some of Ukraine's most vulnerable animals regain health and then find new homes.

By combining immediate relief with long-term solutions, this program addresses today's urgent needs and lays the foundation for a more sustainable and humane future for Ukraine's abandoned and vulnerable animals.

Warning: sensitive images below

Dogs being rescued (3.7.24).jpg

Discover Heartwarming Stories of Hope and Healing

There are thousands of heartwarming stories of hope, healing and transformation.  Below, you will see pictures of these amazing Cats and Dogs that have been rescued, rehabilitated, and given another chance at life.  


When the Russian military destroyed the dam near Kherson, Ukraine, it caused catastrophic flooding, and countless animals found themselves in peril. A Cat, Seymon, in the panic of the flood, had fallen from a significant height, sustaining severe injuries. His chances of survival seemed bleak. Undeterred, our partners rushed Seymon to a veterinary clinic. The diagnosis was grim: the roof of his mouth was shattered, one leg was badly fractured, and he had lost many teeth. But with unwavering support, the vet performed three critical surgeries and administered extensive treatment. Seymon's story is one of near tragedy and a powerful testament of hope and resilience.

In the industrial outskirts of Odessa, there are dozens of stray dogs; including Umca, a sickly puppy. Recognizing his struggle, our partners took Umca to the vet, uncovering a host of health issues: malnutrition, worms, skin problems, and a malformed front leg. After days of care in a loving environment, Umca flourished, transforming from a sickly, lonely puppy into a joyful dog and now lives with a forever family in the United States.

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