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Upcoming and Current Rescues

Millions of animals live in captivity around the world. While some rescues are planned, others happen at a moment's notice, and therefore, we need funds on hand to provide emergency grants to rescue organizations.  Learn more below about how you can help support current and upcoming rescues. 


Bear Cub Rescue in, Laos

Bear Cub Laos

These cubs need our support now!

Laos government officials recently captured a wildlife trafficker and in a shocking discovery, they found 17 orphaned Moon Bear cubs. Our partners in Laos were called upon to provide immediate assistance to save the lives of these precious cubs. Sadly, when they arrived they found one Bear cub had already perished in terrible conditions. 

The remaining 16 tiny Bear cubs were in critical condition. Without immediate intervention, these cubs' chances of survival would have been grim. 

The future of these tiny Moon Bear cubs is in our hands - they desperately need our help!

The cost to rescue a Bear cub is incredibly high - over $1,000 per Bear.  And that's just the beginning.  It costs $4,000 a month to provide care for each Bear. Your gift will allow Asia Wild to make a grant to our partner in Laos and provide the care these tiny Bears need.  100% of your donation will go to the bears so your impact is even greater today!



Your donation today will help ensure these 16 orphaned Moon Bear cubs get the life they deserve in the safety and protection of sanctuary.

Tigers Thailand

Thailand's Largest Tiger Rescue


From Cages to Freedom: Help Rescued Tigers Today

The spirit of nature shines through 14 magnificent Tigers recently freed from decades of captivity, thanks to the heroic efforts of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT). Once shackled by the chains of an illegal wildlife trafficker, these Tigers now revel in the freedom of a sanctuary that replicates their native wilderness.


For two decades, these majestic creatures were imprisoned in stark, concrete cages, deprived of any connection to the natural world they were born into. Their rescue in December 2023 and April 2024 by WFFT, part of Thailand's largest Tiger rescue, marked a transformative moment. 


Rescued from a life of severe neglect, these Tigers now roam a sanctuary that is a true paradise. They can feel the softness of the grass beneath their paws, bask in the warm embrace of sunlight on their fur, and hear the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind. Your donation can help us provide grants to maintain this haven for them.


Your generous donation can make a world of difference in the lives of these magnificent animals. 100% of your gift directly funds their essential needs such as food, medical care, and enrichment resources. By contributing, you are supporting their well-being and our mission to rescue and rehabilitate more Tigers in similar conditions. Please consider donating today to help us give these Tigers the life they deserve.

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