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Gibbon And Macaque:  Vulnerable to Critically Endangered 

According to the IUCN Red List, there are 20 species of Gibbons; five species are considered Critically Endangered, 14 are Endangered, and one is Vulnerable.  They list over 40 species and subspecies of Macaques, of which the Japanese Macauqe is the only one listed as Stable; 2 are critically endangered, five are endangered, eight are vulnerable, and two are near threatened. 

Gibbon and baby in tree
Gibbon in Captivity

We implore you to join us in this urgent and compelling mission to rescue these vulnerable Gibbons and Macaques, granting them the opportunity to thrive in an environment rooted in ethics, safety, and unwavering care. Without our support, they will continue to live in tiny metal cages in terrible conditions.


However, with your support, we can bring about a transformative change in their lives. Your contribution holds immeasurable power and can create a tangible and profound impact on the lives of these helpless Gibbons and Macaques. Together, we can rescue them from the harrowing fate that awaits them—a life confined to a zoo, or worse—and provide them with a future filled with care, dignity, and the resolute safety they deserve.

Gibbon in Captivity

Your donation, regardless of the amount, will play a pivotal role in facilitating a vital grant that will enable us to accomplish the following imperative tasks, which are crucial for their well-being and ultimate survival:


Rescue and Relocation: Transportation and medical check-ups are required to make this rescue possible. For around $320 (USD), one gibbon can be examined by a Vet and transported to its new home. 


Sanctuary Enhancements: 35 new specialized enclosures must be built to allow the Gibbons to live as close to their natural habitat as possible will be constructed. Each enclosure costs around $2500 (USD). 


Long-Term Care and Conservation: Continued support is essential to monitor the progress of the rescued gibbons, ensuring they adapt well and thrive in their new sanctuary environment. Ongoing expenses include food, long-term medical care, staffing, and upkeep.   A monthly gift of $10 (USD) can feed one primate for a month. 


Let's help rescue the remaining Gibbon and Macaques from a desperate life so they can join Apollo, pictured here, at their new forever home. Let us be the champions of empathy, ensuring each Gibbon and Macaque is valued and protected without compromise.

Together, we can unleash a powerful wave of compassion that will shape a bright future for these irreplaceable Gibbons by harnessing our collective strength and uniting in unwavering support.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Apollo
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