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Join the Pack, the Herd, the Troop...

This Giving Tuesday, you can make a direct impact on the life of an Asian animal.


Every donation can breathe life into our collective effort to protect, heal, and nurture these magnificent creatures.  Every gift matters in the battle to save our planet's most endangered inhabitants.


Donate now or look at the projects below to see how you can help us reach our Giving Tuesday Goal of $40,000 to help feed, rescue, and care for these amazing creatures.

Elephant - Asian - Baby elephant and mom in water touching eachother.jpeg

Relocate A Rhino

The Greater One-Horned Rhino needs our help! They are vulnerable, and poaching remains a major threat.


Their recovery relies on protecting their habitats and reintroducing them to areas where they've disappeared.

You can help relocate these rhinos to Laokhowa and Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. A Rhino weighs 4,000 - 6,000 pounds! It costs $7,000

to relocate one rhino; your contribution can make a difference today!

Build A Bear House and Feed The Bears

You can help build a bear house in Laos with six dens, forest enclosures, caves, and more. The project cost is $135,000.  $5,000 will fund the bathing pools, climbing towers, caves, water stations, and enrichment items.

Sun Bears in Borneo need Food and Care! You can help us feed a Sun Bear for $196/month or $2355/year.  For $52/month, you can provide vitamin enrichments for geriatric bears.


Give A Leopard Lunch & More

The escalating Human-Leopard conflict in India poses grave threats to local communities and the Leopards that live near them.  This project will help rescue and rehabilitate about 50 Leopards next year.

Food costs around $1,500/month - $50/month would cover one lunch a month. Just $12 a month would cover medication for one Leopard, and $144 would pay for the year.  

Snow Leopard

Rescue & Feed Tigers

Considering there are over 5,000 Tigers in captivity in the US alone, the need for rescues is on the rise every year. Your generous donations will create an immediate and crucial impact in helping these magnificent animals.

Relocating a captive Tiger in America comes with a $10,000 price tag.
These majestic creatures have insatiable appetites, and their food costs add up to $27 per Tiger per day. That's $187 weekly, an average of $830 monthly, and a whopping $10,000 annually.

Tiger behind bars.jpeg

Create Waterholes And Shade for Elephants in India

The relentless destruction of Elephant habitat in parts of India has led to the loss of natural canopy cover that provides shade and the depletion of watering holes along critical Elephant corridors. This project will focus on Elephants in the Indian state of Odisha.

Each waterhole will cost $1400, and 20,000 new sapling trees will be planted for $5,000 or just .25 each. 

Your donation will enable this community to live in harmony with the wild Elephants they call neighbors and provide the shade, food, and water they need to thrive.

Help Spay and Neuter Strays

In Nepal, stray Dogs and Cats pose a risk to other animals and humans. Rabies can kill as many as 500 animals and 32 humans a year. A project in Kathmandu aims to change that.  Nepal has a goal of ending human rabies deaths by 2030.  You can help make that possible. 

With your help, we can provide funding to spay/neuter just over 1100 stray Dogs and Cats for just $25 per animal. Imagine the impact your donation will have on this at-risk population and the change it will inspire in the region.

Protect Asian Wildlife Now

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