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Asia Wild is committed to protecting and preserving the welfare of Asian animals worldwide.  We seek out, vet, and support local organizations committed to rescuing animals from abuse and captivity, preventing illegal wildlife trade and trafficking, and promoting global conservation and sustainability efforts.

Over the last eight years, we have granted more than $16 million to groups ending bear bile farming, rescuing wildlife like Asian Elephants, Asiatic Bears, Gibbons, and other Asian animals, and providing animal welfare education to local communities. 

Asia Wild aims to make a tangible and lasting impact on animal welfare worldwide by supporting these organizations. Together, we can help protect and preserve some of the planet's most endangered and at-risk species and promote a more sustainable and responsible approach to conservation.

At Asia Wild, we firmly believe that no organization or idea is too small to make a significant impact. We are passionate about empowering organizations that create positive change in the animal welfare world.

Our team is dedicated to supporting and nurturing small organizations and ideas that have the potential to make a real difference. We understand that every effort counts and are here to help them amplify their impact and achieve significant goals.

Whether you're an individual with a big heart for animals or a small organization working tirelessly to improve animal welfare, Asia Wild is here to support you. We can create a brighter future for animals in Asia and worldwide.

Join us in our mission to empower organizations to make a difference in the lives of animals. Let's work together to build a world where all animals are treated with dignity and respect, and their welfare is a top priority.

Regardless of size, your donation to Asia Wild will contribute to the fight against animal cruelty, exploitation, and extinction. 


Together, we can respond to both urgent calls for help and make strategic grants that work to protect and preserve these precious animals and their place in the world.

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