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Tiger: Endangered

The Tiger, Panthera Tigris, is an iconic big cat species currently facing a precarious status as endangered. Due to factors such as habitat loss, poaching, and illegal wildlife trade, Tiger populations have been significantly depleted over the years.


Conservation efforts to protect these elusive creatures and their ecosystems involve anti-poaching initiatives, habitat preservation, and international agreements to curb the illegal trade in Tigers and Tiger parts.  While there has been some success, the future of Tigers remains uncertain, and continued conservation efforts are essential to ensure their survival.


Tigers In Captivity

Tigers, majestic and powerful creatures, deserve environments prioritizing their well-being and natural behaviors. Striking a balance between legitimate conservation efforts and ensuring the humane treatment of captive tigers is crucial to safeguarding these iconic animals and maintaining the integrity of our commitment to their survival.  

More than 5,000 Tigers live in captivity in the United States, according to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. That's more than any other country outside of China and more than all of the wild Tigers worldwide.


Tiger conservation is critical to safeguarding a single species and preserving entire ecosystems, maintaining cultural heritage, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring a sustainable future for wildlife and humans.

Join us on this pressing and compelling mission, extending a lifeline to these vulnerable Tigers. This is an opportunity to allow them to thrive within an environment rooted in ethics, safety, and unyielding compassion.


Without your support, these Tigers face a future confined to constricting cages, in petting zoos, as selfie props, and even worse fates. Yet, your involvement holds the potential to ignite a profound change in their lives.


Your contribution wields boundless influence, capable of carving a palpable and meaningful impact in the lives of these helpless Tigers. Collectively, we possess the power to liberate them from the looming shadows of captivity, crafting a future filled with nurturing, dignity, and an unwavering shield of protection—a future that aligns with the inherent respect they deserve.


One of our partners, Tigers In America, is the preeminent authority in Tiger rescue. They rescue captive Tigers from abusive and vulnerable environments around the world. From discovery to sanctuary, TIA ensures every Tiger receives a lifetime of care.  

Through our partnerships, Asia Wild will provide critical funding to help TIA and others with rescue transportation, ongoing care, and support of rescued Tigers. 

Tiger in tree
Tiger in stream


Since 2011, TIA has rescued over 500 big cats, including 300+ Tigers and 110+ Big Cats (big cats include: Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.)  In addition, TIA has rescued big cats in Ukraine, Thailand, Argentina, Romania, and other countries around the globe.  

The significance of this partnership extends beyond mere numbers and financial commitments. It represents a collective determination to secure a future where these remarkable creatures roam freely, are provided continuous care, and inspire future generations. By launching on this collaborative journey, TIA and Asia Wild are poised to save individual Tiger lives and contribute to a more extensive conversation about conservation, education, and appreciation for Tigers and other Big Cats.

We cannot embark on this journey alone. Only your support and compassion can ensure a brighter future for these magnificent Big Cats. Every dollar, every share, and every moment of your time brings us one step closer to a world where these majestic creatures thrive.

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