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Asian Elephants


James Cromwell

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"Asia Wild bridges the gap between local efforts and the lack of global funding."


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"I admire and support Asia Wild's commitment to animals.

Their emergency funding grants empower local organizations worldwide to protect and rescue Asian animals in crisis."

Kristin Bauer

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"Asia Wild is providing crucial funds to local organizations protecting Asian animals." 


Sangita Iyer
Voices for Asian Elephants 

Voices for Asian Elephants is honoured and humbled to receive the support of Asia Wild for the second phase of rewilding the fragmented forests of the central Indian state of Odisha at a very critical time. India is the last stronghold for the endangered Asian elephants, housing approximately 25,000 of around 40,000 Asian elephants on the planet. Sadly, they are being intentionally electrocuted and poisoned, fueled by intense forest fragmentation and human-elephant conflict.

Lek Chailert,
Save Elephant Foundation

With Asia Wild's support, this clinic is a dream come true. We will be able to treat the injured elephants that we’ve rescued and now can have the best facility to support their medical treatment. This will make a life-changing difference to all of the animals at Elephant Nature Park and the surrounding communities.

Elephant at Elephant Nature Park, Thailand with a special Asia Wild themed treat

Martha Parker International Rhino Foundation

The impact of Asia Wild’s support will be the translocation of 4 rhinos into the Laokhowa and Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuaries to establish a rhino population there. This project will protect the greater one-horned rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) in Assam, India.

Matt Hunt

Free The Bears

Asia Wild provided a $83,000 grant to support the construction of Bear House 8. Once completed, the new Bear House and adjoining forest enclosures will provide up to 12 rescued bears with near-natural conditions in which they can continue their rehabilitation following their rescue from the illegal wildlife trade in Laos.

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Ben Callison

Borneo Organutan Survival (BOS)

For sun bears in the care of the BOS Foundation, $60,000 goes a long way. BOS-USA is grateful to Asia Wild for this generous grant, providing much-needed support that equates to care for 16 of the 75 sun bears in the BOS Foundation’s care, offering much-needed relief for the year ahead.

Sarah Grant

Asia For Animals Coalition

Asia has many rescue centers and sanctuaries, and now, thanks to Asia Wild the Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition (SARCC) can continue to flourish bringing people together to protect the animals we all serve!

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Dr. Bidur Piya  

KAT Centre Nepal

Asia Wild's grant has enabled us to tackle the pressing issue of rabies transmission in the Shivapuri National Park Buffer Zone. This support ensures a safer community, protects wildlife, and promotes coexistence between humans and animals. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a significant impact.

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Kat Blais

Global Sanctuary for Elephants

Thanks to the generous $50,000 grant from Asia Wild, Lady, one of our beloved rescued elephant residents, will continue to receive the critical foot care she relies upon. We couldn't be more grateful for Asia Wild’s commitment to improving the lives of the animals of Asia, like Lady.

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