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2023-2024 Partners & Grantees

These amazing organizations received grant funding in 2023 and early 2024. The projects described below will directly impact animals worldwide.  

You can also watch a one-minute video about our 2023-2024 impact: watch now or

learn more about our history.


Trunks Up/ Elephant Nature Park


A $43,000 grant in 2023 allowed Elephant Nature Park to begin construction on a veterinary clinic that will serve over 100 elephants and more than a thousand local animals in the community. 


Tigers in America


In August 2023, Asia Wild granted $40,000 to Tigers in America to help fund the rescue and care of Tigers and other Big Cats in the US and around the world.


Wildlife Friends Foundation


In January 2023, Asia Wild granted $7,000 to build an outdoor enclosure for Bears rescued from the bankrupt Phuket Zoo. In August 2023, a $100,000 grant was made to help rescue 50 Gibbons and 18 Macaques.

AfA SARCC Black transparent .png

Asia for Animals Coalition


An $86,580 grant to The Asia for Animals Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers Coalition (SARCC) to provide assistance, education, and foster collaboration among sanctuaries and rescue centers throughout Asia.

BOS-USA full logo Green RGB.png

Borneo Orangutan Survival 


A $60,000 grant to sponsor the care of 16 rescued Sun bears for one year, as well as providing additional supplements and support for these bears.

FTB_logo_final_bound-02 2.jpg

Free the Bears

An $83,000 grant to support the construction of Bear House 8 and the construction of the perimeter fence across the upper half of the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Animals Asia Foundation Hong Kong

In January 2023, Asia Wild was granted $1.1 million dollars in restricted funds to support their ongoing work. In 2022, $2,975,559 was granted to Animals Asia Hong Kong and since 2001, more than $16 million has been granted to Animals Asia Hong Kong.


Pacific Whale Foundation


Following the Maui wildfires, Asia Wild granted $5,000 to support furthering the Pacific Whale Foundation's mission to protect the ocean, its inhabitants, and the communities deeply connected to it.

white - no shadow_no gradiant with new f

Global Sanctuary for Elephants


A $50,000 grant to sponsor “Lady's” medical care for one year. Lady, an Asian female Elephant, suffers from osteomyelitis, an incurable bone disease resulting from 40 years of captivity as a Circus Elephant.

RESQ Logo 2023-02.png

RESQ Charitable Trust


 A $79,000 grant to cover the costs of food, medicine, and senior veterinary services for Indian Leopards rescued annually. 

VFAE Circular Logo Color.png

Voice for Asian Elephants 


A $30,000 grant to rewild several 

fragmented forests by employing the local community to plant fruit-bearing elephant-friendly saplings, and create water holes to meet the nutritional and hydration needs of elephants, while helping avert human-elephant conflict.

KAT Centre Logo-PNG-01-1.png

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre


A $25,454 grant to spay/neuter and vaccinate 1,100 stray dogs and cats bordering Shivapuri National Park.


International Rhino Foundation


LCTW Logo.png

Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife 


wildlife and welfare.jpg.png

Wildlife & Welfare


Center for Conservation and Development 


A $28,000 grant to support the translocation of 4 greater one-horned Rhinos into the Laokhowa and Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuaries in early 2024.

A $19,750 grant to support the creation of a housing facility for endangered Gibbons and an education center for the local community. 

In July 2024, a grant of $10,000 was made to Wildlife & Welfare to help feed and care for Cats and Dogs in Ukraine that were abandoned during the war.

A $50,000 grant was awarded to CCD to fund the salaries of vets and educators caring for widllife rescued in Vietnam in partnership with the government.

Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife 


A $19,750 grant to support the creation of a housing facility for endangered Gibbons and an education center for the local community. 

Watch our 2023-2024 impact update 

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Important Note: Before 2023, our name was Animals Asia Foundation Limited USA. Beginning March 2023, our name changed to Asia Wild. On all 990s before 2023, you'll see the name Animals Asia Foundation.  Our Tax ID and financial information remain the same.  As Asia Wild, we will grant to more organizations supporting Animal Welfare Worldwide.  If you have questions about our name change please email our team at

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