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Asian Elephants




We are committed to rescuing and protecting the welfare of animals worldwide.

We support local organizations rescuing animals from abuse and captivity, preventing illegal wildlife trade and trafficking, and promoting global conservation and sustainability efforts. We aim to create a world where all animals can thrive, free from harm and exploitation.


Endangered and Critically Endangered Species worldwide

*2022 IUCN Red List


Vulnerable Species in Asia


*2022 IUCN Red List


Number of Tigers in captivity in the United States (second only to China)

*the United States Fish and Wildlife service


Number of individual animals trafficked into the United States over 10 years


*U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Our Mission

Asia Wild is committed to rescuing and protecting the welfare of Animals worldwide. We support local organizations that tirelessly combat numerous issues that threaten wildlife survival, including poaching, abuse, captivity, the illegal wildlife trade, and trafficking, and those promoting global conservation and sustainability efforts. Learn more about Asia Wild's mission and commitment to wildlife worldwide.

Asia Wild Monkey In Tree

Partners & Projects

Over the last eight years, we have granted more than $16 million to groups ending Bear bile farming, rescuing wildlife like Elephants, Bears, Gibbons, and other animals, and providing animal welfare education to local communities.  Learn more about our grantees and partners.

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Make a one-time or monthly donation and help us support meaningful organizations and animals that need our support.

Our Impact 

Asia Wild vets our partners and grantees using a variety of criteria, including ensuring that the organization does not buy, sell, trade, breed, or exploit animals for profit; reviewing financials to determine how funds are used; visiting the organization whenever possible; researching the organization with industry experts and associations that recognize sanctuaries as well run and maintain responsible practices

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