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Empowering Animal Welfare Organizations Worldwide

In an age where biodiversity is under relentless assault, and the landscapes that sustain our planet's incredible species continue to crumble, championing organizations dedicated to safeguarding wildlife has never been more urgent.

Amid this critical juncture, Asia Wild emerges as a beacon of hope, bridging the divide between local champions and the global pool of funding that could turn the tide. Like the musicians of an orchestra, Asia Wild is made up of many donors, each with a passion for Asian animals, combining all of our resources to make a bigger, bolder, more inspiring symphony than any of us could hope to accomplish on our own. Prepare to be inspired as we dive into our grant program and its transformative effects on the global network of Asian animal defenders.

Uniting for a Common Cause: Asia Wild's Vision

Venturing into the heart of a connected world, Asia Wild transcends geographical boundaries and galvanizes a worldwide alliance to support local organizations. Our grant program embodies this vision, an unwavering pledge to rally resources around organizations bound by the common purpose of securing the future of Asian wildlife. The grants we award are not just financial lifelines but threads that weave a tapestry of collective resilience against the threats that imperil our planet's natural heritage.

A Symphony of Impact: Stories of Transformation

Witness the symphony of change orchestrated by Asia Wild's grants, reverberating across the continents and crafting stories of hope. As the curtain rose in 2023, the stage was set for remarkable collaborations, leaving an indelible mark on the conservation world.

1. Tigers In America: Safeguarding Big Cats Across Borders

A resounding roar of triumph echoed as Asia Wild made a $40,000 grant in September 2023 to Tigers in America (TIA). Their mission: liberate majestic big cats from the clutches of captivity and relocate them to sanctuaries where they can thrive. TIA has facilitated the rescue of over 525 animals from captivity, 342 of them being Tigers. From roadside zoos to hotel exhibitions, TIA orchestrates intricate rescue operations, and Asia Wild's grant will allow them to continue to expand this critical mission.

2. Trunks Up: A New Dawn for Elephant Conservation

The sun rises over the breathtaking landscape of Chiang Mai, Thailand, heralding a new dawn for Elephant conservation. The renowned Elephant Nature Park (ENP), envisions a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic to care for rescued Elephants. Asia Wild's grant of $43,000 to Trunks Up, a nonprofit supporting ENP, has helped realize this dream, providing the foundation for groundbreaking medical care that will change animal's lives.

Lek Chailert, the visionary founder of ENP, aptly captures the impact: "This clinic is a dream come true... Thank you, Asia Wild donors, for your support."

3. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand: Rescuing the Voiceless

Across the lush landscapes of Thailand, a symphony of gratitude arises from the heart of the forest. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WWFT), with Asia Wild's support, is working to rescue and provide sanctuary to dozens of Gibbons and Macaques after being displaced by the unexpected passing of their current sanctuary owner. Asia Wild’s emergency response grant empowered WFFT to facilitate the protection of these animals, preventing them from being placed in the tourism industry, where they would spend their lives in small cages and roadside zoos.

4. Pacific Whale Foundation: Maui's Wildfire Recovery

From the ashes of devastation, hope soars! The Pacific Whale Foundation, a custodian of marine life and conservation, will be able to leverage Asia Wild's grant to aid Maui's recovery efforts after devastating fires, embodying the spirit of revival and resilience that defines collaborative conservation.

5. Animals Asia Foundation Hong Kong

In March of 2023, $990,000 was granted to Animals Asia Hong Kong (AAFHK) to support their mission to end bear bile farming and improve the welfare of animals across Asia. The Asia Wild board has already committed to providing additional grant funding to AAFHK through our upcoming fall 2023 grant round. Follow us to find out more about our upcoming grants.

Igniting a Movement

Over the years, we have distributed more than $16 million in grants to organizations supporting Asian animals. As the pages of the calendar turn, the urgency of our mission reverberates, and we continue to expand the scope and impact of our grantmaking. We invite small and local organizations worldwide to join the symphony of change by applying for our Fall 2023 grants cycle before the September 8th deadline, for it is in unity, in the convergence of passion and purpose, that our planet's irreplaceable biodiversity will be decided. Let us, the stewards of Earth, rise to the occasion and kindle a movement that will echo through generations for a world where humanity and nature flourish hand in hand.

Your Role in the Symphony

We need your help! Pledge your support today and help us continue to orchestrate the music that uplifts organizations around the globe that are dedicated to preserving and conserving Asian wildlife.


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