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70 Gibbons Need A New Home

Gibbons, known for their elegant movement and melodic songs, are among our planet's most endangered primate species. These remarkable creatures swing through the treetops of dense forests in Southeast Asia. However, their very existence is threatened due to habitat loss, poaching, and the illegal wildlife trade.

The Plight of Gibbons

Gibbons are arboreal primates belonging to the family Hylobatidae and found in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. These small apes are known for their long arms, which enable them to effortlessly swing from branch to branch, covering distances of up to 50 feet in a single leap. Gibbons form monogamous pairs displaying solid bonds.

Gibbon in Sanctuary, image courtesy of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WWFT)

Unfortunately, gibbons face numerous threats. As their forest homes shrink, gibbons are isolated and vulnerable to predators. The illegal pet trade poses a significant threat, as baby gibbons are often captured and sold as exotic pets.

When One Door Closes

Sometimes, the tables can turn even when we think wildlife is safe. When a reputable and ethical sanctuary closes, whatever the reason, the animals can face dire situations. Today, more than 70 gibbons in Thailand face an uncertain and disturbing future. Their sanctuary land is being sold, and they must be relocated. A tourist zoo in Thailand has offered to take all the animals from the sanctuary. We can't let that happen.

One of 70 Gibbons that need a new home

The Tourist Zoo

Zoos have long been considered places of wonder and education, where people can get up close with animal species. However, not all zoos uphold the standards of animal welfare and conservation. While many ethical and responsible establishments exist, these tourist zoos offering to take all these animals is not one of them. We cannot let these amazing Gibbons end up in a terrible situation after living in a safe sanctuary for many years.

Several zoos in Thailand have been scrutinized for their exploitative practices, treating animals as mere commodities for profit. Animals, including elephants, tigers, and primates, are often kept in inadequate enclosures that fail to meet their physical, social, and behavioral needs. These animals endure a lifetime of confinement, lacking the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors and suffering from stress, boredom, and frustration. Tourist zoos prioritize entertainment over animal welfare. They stage shows that involve animals performing unnatural and often demeaning tricks. These zoos neglect crucial responsibilities. They prioritize profit over conservation and welfare.

How Can I help?

These are some of the 70 Gibbons that need a new home!

We must support the Thai government's efforts to protect wildlife and address conservation issues. At the same time, we can assist local Thai organizations and sanctuaries that can ensure safe homes for the Gibbons in need of rescue.

You can help save lives! Join Asia Wild in supporting the sanctuaries rescuing these marvelous Gibbons. Let's ensure these awe-inspiring acrobats don't end up in a tourist zoo, destined for a life in small cages, forced to entertain the public, and endure horrible circumstances.

Your gift of any size will help us grant the funds needed for these 70 gibbons to live safely and securely for the rest of their lives at ethical sanctuaries like those Gibbons at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand Sanctuary.

Please help us save these Gibbons and make a donation today.


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