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Help Us Name Two Rescued Tigers, Rewrite Their Future

The spirit of nature is embodied by two magnificent Tigers recently liberated from decades of captivity, thanks to the heroic efforts of our partner, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT). These Tigers, once shackled by the chains of an illegal wildlife trafficker, are now reveling in the freedom of a sanctuary that replicates their native wilderness.

For two decades, these majestic creatures were imprisoned in stark, concrete cages, devoid of any connection to the natural world they were born into. Their rescue in December by WFFT, part of Thailand's largest Tiger rescue, was a transformative moment. Rescued from severe neglect, they now roam in a sanctuary where they can experience the sensation of grass beneath their paws and the warmth of sunlight on their fur.

Now, they join other Tigers rescued in the same operation and will spend their remaining years under WFFT’s exceptional care. To highlight their plight and that of countless other Tigers suffering similar fates globally, we are launching a campaign to rewrite their story, starting with giving them a name.

Meet Our Rescued Tigers

Rescued Tigers

These two Tigers embody a profound and troubling truth: More tigers now languish in captivity than roam free in the wild. In the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 5,000 tigers are held in captivity. Across the sprawling tiger farms of China, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, the number is believed to exceed 8,000. Tragically, these majestic creatures are frequently exploited for entertainment, confined in deplorable conditions, and trafficked for their valuable body parts.

The story of these two Tigers, rescued from dire circumstances, casts a stark light on the widespread crisis of Tigers in captivity. It is a global issue that demands urgent attention and action! By confronting this crisis, we aim to ignite a movement that saves these incredible animals and restores their dignity and rightful place in the natural world.

You Can Rewrite Their Story

Today, we invite you to step beyond mere observation and become a part of a transformative journey. Join Asia Wild in our exciting Tiger naming campaign! By selecting new names for these two resilient Tigers, you play a pivotal role in turning their tales from suffering to hope. This act may be symbolic, but it's immensely powerful—it declares that we recognize these Tigers not just as survivors of past adversities but as inspiring symbols of resilience and renewal.

Join us now in a meaningful act of renewal by submitting a name. In addition to submitting a name, you can help shape their new identities and futures. It costs approximately $4,000 a year to provide basic care for one Tiger and between $20,000 and $30,000 to build a secure, natural, and comfortable enclosure. While submitting a name requires no donation, should you decide to contribute, know that 100% of your gift will be restricted to the ongoing care of these magnificent creatures in their sanctuary.

Names carry profound significance—they confer identity and dignity. Now, you have a unique chance to make a lasting impact on these extraordinary animals’ lives and shine a light on the global efforts to save them from extinction. Click here to suggest a name and discover more ways to contribute. We can write a new chapter of hope for these remarkable tigers and countless others.

Asia Wild is committed to rescuing and protecting the welfare of animals worldwide. We support organizations rescuing animals from abuse and captivity, preventing illegal wildlife trade and trafficking, and promoting global conservation and sustainability efforts. We aim to create a world where all animals can thrive, free from harm and exploitation.


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