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Asia Wild's New Initiative, Animals Wild, is Making a Bigger Impact

In a world where many factors increasingly threaten the well-being of animals, the need for initiatives that advocate for wildlife and animal rescue and rehabilitation is more crucial than ever. Asia Wild, a champion in conservation, has launched its groundbreaking campaign, Animals Wild, which is dedicated to supporting animals worldwide.

Asia Wild Animals Wild Logo

To kick off this new initiative, we're launching a campaign to support Ukraine's abandoned and vulnerable Cats and Dogs! Did you know that around 14 million Ukrainians have fled their homes? Many were forced to leave behind their beloved pets. Amidst the continuing crisis, countless Dogs and Cats struggle to survive without food, shelter, or medical care.

When the Russian military destroyed a dam near Kherson, Ukraine, catastrophic flooding left countless animals in peril. A Cat named Seymon fell from a tall building during the flood, sustaining severe injuries. His survival seemed unlikely, but our partners rushed him to a veterinary clinic. The diagnosis was grim: a shattered palate, a badly fractured leg, and many lost teeth. Despite this, the vet performed three critical surgeries and provided extensive treatment, ensuring Seymon's survival. Seymon's story is a powerful testament to hope and resilience. There are hundreds of stories just like this one.

Your donation can make a life-saving difference, ensuring these animals receive essential nourishment, veterinary treatments, and protection. You can give these innocent animals hope and a second chance at life. Donate today to be a part of their rescue and recovery.

During the year, we'll continue to make grants to small, well-vetted, international organizations on the ground, making a difference to the animals they rescue, rehabilitate, and care for. Organizations that, without our support, may not have access to US donors who want to support but aren't sure how to safely support an international organization or wish to receive a tax deduction for their gift.

We look forward to providing grants to more organizations worldwide as we grow!


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